Another Review Done!!!

Here we are again, another review for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Canadian History-Based Writing Lessons Review


Added Some links

If you haven’t checked out our Useful Links section, you should!!!

I have just added a few more today.

I have added:

We have been using this site to listen to the audio versions of his stories after reading the book.

A cool site that teaches how to incorporate some of your geeky hobbies and shows into your schooling.

We have one of their curriculum books to use this year…review  is coming soon.

A site where you can order the above curriculum from in Canada.

Generally where we order our curriculum books from for the year…easy and safe.

We have been using their Young Explorers Series for Science for years now. Review is coming soon.

Blog Updates

It’s that time of year again…school is starting so I am working to update the blog a bit.


Some pictures will be removed from blog posts to make room for new pictures. As I can not afford to upgrade at this time.


I have removed the background and fixed a few minor details. As well as I have added a search bar.